Ewerbeck Planter

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Product: Ewerbeck Planter
Retailer: Treillage

The Ewerbeck Planter is made out of old untreated oak wood. The topside wood had a lead rim for protection and the legs have a monkshood or pagoda-shaped finial. The planks are tongue in groove. Oak wood contains a high degree of tannic acids. Because of the rain, tannic acids can cause brown stains on tiles and flagstones. So the planters are treated before in production. The discharge of tannic acids in heavy rainfall is, however a natural process, which will only disappear when the oak wood has obtained its natural grey color. Any possible brown stains on hard surfaces will, over time, also be washed away by the rain. Interior dimensions: 21.25″³sq., 22.5″³.

Treillage Planters are hand made to order. Lead time: 8 weeks, FOB.

  • Product Code : Out-21-1
  • Width : 27.5
  • Height : 29.5
  • Length : 27.5