Evereste Crabapple/M26

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Product: Evereste Crabapple/M26
Retailer: Raintree Nursery

Enjoy this fantastic new edible ornamental throughout the year. Each spring, this highly disease resistant tree from France is covered from base to summit with fragrant, beautiful long lasting white flowers. Every summer the tree is a spectacle in red, covered with thousands of round tart fruit about an inch in diameter. Use the fruit to make jelly, pickled apples or add with other apples to make a wonderful cider. The tree grows to 8-10′ tall with branches arched out from the weight of the fruit. The fruit hangs on the branches until mid winter, so the birds can eat what you don’t. Of the many dozens of varieties in the disease resistant crab apple trials, Evereste was the most resistant, easiest to care for and the most beautiful. Raintree has made an agreement with the INRA breeding program in Angers, France. We have introduced this beauty to the U. S. On EMLA 26 rootstock. Royalties for the registered variety go to support Western Washington Tree Fruit Research!