Eva Solo Hurricane Lamp

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Product: Eva Solo Hurricane Lamp
Designer: Eva Solo
Retailer: Finnish Design

The Eva Solo Hurricane lamp is an innovative reinterpretation of the classic outdoor lamp which, with its flickering candle, is perfect for adding an extra dimension of atmosphere to any occasion, both inside and outdoors. The design of the Hurricane lamp is light and airy with an elegant glass chimney resting on a stainless steel and silicone base. It is designed to take candles or tea lights. The base has a practical silicone reservoir which holds the wax flowing from the lit candle. The base is also flexible, so the wax can easily be loosened and removed before rinsing the reservoir in cold or hot water and replacing it. There is an air hole in the bottom of the lamp which ensures an adequate supply of air to the candle so it burns uniformly with minimal sooting. The ridges in the base also ensure ventilation and that the lamp sits securely on the table. The Eva Solo Hurricane lamp is an ingeniously functional and stylish lighting that will add the perfect touch to any home.

  • Manufacturer : Eva Solo
  • Size : Height 17 cm
  • Material : Glass, stainless steel, silicone