English Straw Bee Skep

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Product: English Straw Bee Skep

A centuries old design and forerunner of the modern beehive, these skeps are hand made by a British craftsman using traditional methods and materials. This type of beehive is still used in some parts of the World to produce honey but they are far less efficient than a modern hive and offers little protection to the swarm, hence their demise. Their main use nowadays is to capture and contain an escaped swarm of bees before returning them to a conventional wooden hive. A wonderful decorative feature for herb or cottage gardens and a timeless symbol of hardwork and properity. To protect them from the elements they were traditionally situated in a niche built into the garden wall known as a bee bole or had a thatched roof called a “╦ťhackle’ placed on top to throw off the rainwater. To ensure long life they should be kept indoors or under cover during the winter months. Available in two sizes 14″ and 18” diameter