Tulipa – Black Parrot

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Product: Tulipa – Black Parrot
Color: Purple
Black Parrot – very dark burgundy Heirloom with almost black flames and edges; great for adding shadows to a sunny border and in combination with white or pink flowers; 1937; 16″-18″; mid-late spring.

The peacocks and parrots of the bulb world, tulips offer are more sizes, shapes and colors than you can imagine for any type of garden design scheme. They are an incredible source of inexpensive color for the garden. Almost every color in the spectrum is available except true blue. Intensity of the colors sometimes varies according to climate and even from one season to another. Divided into 15 divisions usually depending on shape, bloom time or heritage.Plant 4x their height deep (8″-10″ for regular sized tulips; 4″-6″ for small tulips); 12+cm bulbs unless otherwise noted. PARROT TULIPS are defined by the RGBA as: “Single flowered cultivars with laciniate, curled and twisted tepals. Mainly late flowering. Stem of variable length.” A flower arrangers dream, these birdlike flowers are often scalloped and heavily fringed; flowerheads can be heavier, so give protection from wind and harsh weather; often seen in European floral paintings; whz 3-8; unless otherwise noted.

  • Product Code:     02-0902
  • Genus:     Tulipa
  • Cultivar:     Black Parrot
  • Family:     Liliaceae
  • Nickname:     Tulip
  • Division:     Division 9 – Parrot
  • Bulbs Per Sq Foot:     4 to 5
  • Color:     Purple
  • Height:     12″ To 24″
  • Flowering Time:     Mid Spring, Late Spring
  • Sun vs Shade:     Full Sun
  • Soil Moisture:     Average
  • Zones:     3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8