Dragonfly – Pewter

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Product: Dragonfly – Pewter

Evoking hazy summer days by the river, this design features skeletal dragonflies and hand-painted water-colour lilies meandering downstream.

All Barneby Gates papers are made in the UK and are PEFC accredited (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). Both water based inks and solvent inks are used, but where solvent inks are used the fumes are extracted and incinerated on site (meaning our factory vents air from their chimney that is actually cleaner than the surrounding atmosphere!) All ink is recycled on site. Recipes are kept of what is contained in each bucket of ink, which allows the factory workers to then alter the remaining ink to another colour with a similar recipe that can be used on another job. Waste paper is converted into low-grade pulp products such as insulation.

  • SKU : 017-60201-ROLL
  • Colors : Black, Grey, Metallic, White
  • Eco-Friendly : Yes
  • Paper Format : Roll
  • Width (Inches) : 20.5
  • Length (Inches) : 393
  • SQ Feet Roll/Panel : 55
  • Pattern Repeat Inches : 20.5
  • Design Match Inches : Half Drop
  • Childrens : No
  • Composition : 150gsm Paper and Ink
  • Origin : UK
  • Lead Time : In Stock, or 4 weeks
  • Collection : Collection IV
  • Flammability : CLASS 0 of BSi 476
  • Minimum Order : No