DIY Hanging Garden Kit

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Product: DIY Hanging Garden Kit
Retailer: Paxton Gate

Everyone wants to take advantage of that unused vertical space in their garden, light-well or other outdoor area. Now you can without breaking the bank. Paxton Gate's kit includes the wooden frame, mounting cleat, galvanized grates, moss, soil, three planting baskets, fasteners and instructions so that you can easily assemble and plant your own vertical garden. Use plants from your existing collection, select them online here at Paxton Gate, or purchase them from your local nursery to ensure they will thrive in your particular climate. Dry kit sans plants: $325 or three or more at $300 each.
Approximate dimensions 25.5 x 25.5 x 11.5 inches.
Discount for 3 plus units will be applied after order is submitted.