Diggit Hori Garden Knife

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Product: Diggit Hori Garden Knife
brand: Diggit

The master gardeners hand tool of choice for heavy hand digging

Guaranteed not to rust – Made of cast, high-strength stainless steel, heat-treated with reinforcing ribs near the handle

These are an excellent tool where you expect to have to chop thru small roots or cut thru sod. Many hori hori knives have very sharp edges on one side. We’re not so keen on this because any sharp cutting tool used in dirt won’t stay sharp very long. Also since usually you have your other hand so close, you run the risk of slicing your finger.

So our Hori is about as dull as a kitchen knife. Certainly, sharp enough to cut thru sod and roots, but not sharp enough to give you a bad cut on your finger.

Our Hori is made of thru-hardened stainless steel, so if one wanted a sharp edge one could grind it sharp. Enjoy!