Diamond Willow Walking Sticks

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Product: Diamond Willow Walking Sticks

All my diamond willow walking sticks are sanded down to a very fine #320 grit sandpaper and are finished with a minimum of four coats of clear varathane.

It takes about five to ten hours to complete a diamond willow walking/hiking stick. This doesn’t include the time to find, cut and dry the sticks. All my sticks are naturally dried for at least one year before finishing.

Diamond willow is not found on Vancouver Island. My diamond willow walking/hiking sticks and canes are made from diamond willow trees imported from other parts of Canada. Diamond Willow is found in the northern part of the province of British Columbia. I also obtain diamond willow pieces suitable for making my walking sticks, hiking sticks and canes from the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.

Apparantly the diamonds are a result of a fungus and not cold climates as was the theory in the past. This formation of diamonds is not unique to one type of willow thus all so called “diamond willows” are not necessarily the same tree type.

Prices range from $65.00 to $110.00