DeWit Tools Bow Rake

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Product: DeWit Tools Bow Rake
brand: DeWit

Tired of the head of your bow rake coming off or the tines easily bending? Well this bow rake from DeWit is built to last a lifetime. You’ll find this bow rake quite handy for preparing planting beds for transplants or seed as well as soil leveling and cleaning rocks and debris from your soil.

The head is hand forged of burnished carbon steel and is bolted through the handle…no head flying off this one. This garden rake is fitted with an long Ash hardwood handle from FSC Certified forests. Handmade in Holland and Guaranteed a Lifetime!

Dimensions :

  • Length:   63.5 inches
  • Head:  13.5″ wide w/ 3″ tines Approx.
  • Weight:  3 lbs. 6 oz.

Since 1898 the craftsmen at DeWit in Holland have been hand forging some of the finest tools in the world. Known for their durability, quality and craftsmanship, DeWit tools are old-fashioned tools blended with new technology…forged for the future.