Cynara Grow Lamp

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Product: Cynara Grow Lamp
Retailer: Really Well Made

The Cynara is a three spot RWB (Red, White, Blue) LED lamp that grows medium size plants, particularly vegetables and kitchen herbs. Its lampshade merges with the leaves, emitting the right amount of light to provide nutrition to the plant.

Cynara is made by the best Italian artisans in order to achieve the highest quality and the most beautiful product. It playfully combines materials from different worlds: anodized aluminium and hand-varnished faience terracotta. Cynara literally grows with the plant. It can either be attached to an aluminium rod and placed directly in a pot, or securely hung as a pendant overhead.

The Bulbo brand was created from a project in 2009 at the technological research in the Industrial Design Faculty at the Politecnico di Milano. Since then Bulbo has developed it’s scientific research in collaboration with the University of Bologna.

Cynara is available with a red or grey cable and comes in a well presented box – making this a perfect gift for any green fingered friends.

  • Lampshade Diameter: 11 cm
  • Rod Heights: Cynara comes with 2 x 15 cm rods and 1 x 22 cm rod.
  • Total Height: From 22 cm up to 57 cm
  • Light source: 3 LEDs
  • Energy consumption: 7 W
  • UK plug


  • Shade/Reflector – Varnished faience terracotta
  • Rods – Anodised aluminium
  • Cable – Cotton (grey or red)