Cyclamen hederifolium ‘Sweetheart Sensation’

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Product: Cyclamen hederifolium ‘Sweetheart Sensation’

Cyclamen hederifolium ‘Sweetheart Sensation’   Z 5 – part shade
[Sweetheart Sensation Ivy-Leaf C.] Hardy Cyclamen have the distinction of being among the most misunderstood and underused of tubers/bulbs. They actually want to be transplanted to places other plants resent. They bloom when other perennials are dormant, along with foliage worth a prime place near a well-traveled path in your garden. Try a few to extend color in your fall/winter garden.

Flowers on this selection are pink shooting stars at the end of curved stems, sometimes having a dark stained nose. Bloom period is about late August through November with foliage lasting through the winter into about March. Leaves have a silver center ringed in bright lustrous green. Outline of each leaf can range from hexagon to octagonal. Bloom begins first with foliage quickly following. Outstanding for foliage and bloom at a time when there is little else.

Transplant: Vigorous and fast growing. Flat topped corms, which have all the roots on top, need to be transplanted shallowly, no more than an inch or so below soil line with a light mulch. Well-drained is important. Mine are in the root system of a hemlock on a sloping embankment. Use several to plant under evergreens. Corydalis, Dicentra and small ferns make excellent companions.

From 1 Quart containers.