Coveside Small Winter Roosting House

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Product: Coveside Small Winter Roosting House
Retailer: Amazon

With a 5″ x 5″ internal floor this roost box is designed for use in winter when birds need protection from the extreme cold. The entrance hole has a slate guard to deter damage from squirrels. The opening is small and near the bottom, keeping the rising warm air within. The three internal perches enable several birds to roost together. Attracts most common backyard birds including wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and bluebirds. The wood is 3/4″ for insulation, and the slanted top lets the water run off. The front tilts out for easy cleaning, and the “L” hook at the bottom of the front holds the front securely in place. Mount facing away from prevailing winds for maximum protection. It can be secured on a tree or post by hanging from the metal hanger. In addition, insert a screw through the hole at the bottom of the back or through the back from inside. Hand crafted in the USA by Coveside, of Eastern White Pine which provides insulation and durability. Over time the wood will darken and more naturally blend in with the environment.

  • Durable eastern white pine
  • Front panel tilts out for easy cleaning
  • Hangs from metal hanger, holds at least 6 birds
  • Opening at bottom allows warm air to rise inside the house