Covered Picnic Rack Basket

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Product: Covered Picnic Rack Basket
Retailer: Public Bikes
brand: Public Bikes

Do you wish you had a basket big enough to carry a six-pack and some groceries, or a picnic blanket and bocce ball, or for your purse and some books? We teamed up with Peterboro Basket Company to design a basket that fits on our front rack and rear rack and has enough room to carry more than just your jacket or purse.  The Picnic Rack Basket comes with a lid to keep your belongings inside the basket and to make sure your chocolate doesn’t melt before you get to the park. Fits snug on your rack with an easy to remove strap and clasp. Removes easily and comes with two handles for easy carrying into your house or grocery store or on picnic excursion.

Peterboro baskets are made from high quality materials and come with a lifetime warranty: Appalachian White Ash, harvested from Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire; solid brass nails to prevent rust; and brass coated hardware. Peterboro is the oldest basket manufacturing company that crafts baskets 100% in the United States.

  • 13 L x 111/2W x 9H
  • Solid hinged lid
  • Two swing handles
  • Rack strap with clasp
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% USA Materials
  • Includes Peterboro brass medallion
  • Lifetime warranty