Connecticut Field Pumpkin Seeds

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Product: Connecticut Field Pumpkin Seeds

Introduced prior to 1700

The pumpkin is one of the oldest field pumpkins in existence. Thought to have been grown by the North American Indians prior to European settlement. Connecticut Field produces nice yields of 15 to 25 lb. globe shaped deep orange yellow pumpkins. Flesh is yellow, thick, coarse and stringy.

Connecticut Field pumpkin must have been the original pumpkin for Halloween in America. The perfect shape and flat bottom come in hand for making a jack’o lantern. Connecticut Field Pumpkin also makes an excellent animal feed. Our chickens love pumpkin and so do the goats. This is an easy way to store nutritious feed through the winter for our critters. On a well manured field Connecticut field pumpkin is said to produce between 16-20 tons per acre.