Complete Steak Grilling Set

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Product: Complete Steak Grilling Set
brand: Afire
Retailer: One Kings Lane

This set boasts everything you need to build the perfect steak dinner, boasting a delicious rub, two cedar planks, and coconut charcoal.

If you’re not a fan of barbecue, it could be because you aren’t familiar with aFire’s range of charcoals, grilling planks, and seasonings. Its innovative fuels aren’t just eco-friendly; they also imbue food with tantalizing flavors and aromas. Add aFire’s specialty rubs to the proceedings, and you’ve got a meal that bears no resemblance to the lighting-fluid-tinged grub you may remember from barbecues past.

  • Set of : Coconut charcoal, steak rub, two cedar planks
  • Ingredients : steak rub, salt/spices/garlic/paprika/soybean oil
  • Made of : plank, black cherry wood; charcoal, coconut
  • Size : rub, 4 oz; planks, 6″x 12″; charcoal, 4.5 lbs
  • Care : Do not use soap to wash planks.