Collapsible Aluminum Transport Cart

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Product: Collapsible Aluminum Transport Cart
Retailer: Manufactum

Aluminum, nylon rims, steel connecting parts, rubber handles. Volume 150 l., Height 59 cm., Length 1.44 m., Width 75 cm., Wheel Radius 49 cm., Weight 12.5 kg., Load Weight max. 150 kg.

For heavy loads.

This two-wheeled transport cart is designed for a load weight of up to 150 kg. The removable legs at the front enable stability at the point of greatest pressure. When you have to apply compost or mulch over a large surface area the rear panel can be extracted so you can easily unload the material. The transportation cart is extremely insensitive to all possible weather conditions; you will not expect corrosion – all materials have been installed against it and even withstand contact with salt water. Aesthetically there is a small flaw; the rims are made of synthetic material. We have accepted this because everything else about the transport cart has been so persuasive.

It flattens. Two-wheeled transport cart. Collapsible.

This transport cart is made from a seawater-resistant, lightweight aluminum that is riveted and seamed. The producer in Spokane, Washington (USA), a metal-working business with more than four decades of experience in the trade, manufactures them according to its own design (the company holds the patent). Amazing: with a few simple handgrips the transport cart collapses together. The frame, adjustable to various lengths and equipped with a patented folding/springing mechanism, assists the lock in maintaining a collapsed position. The folded measurement of 56 x 105 x 26 cm. makes it suitable for a garden house and car boot, with a complete weight of only 12.5 kg.

Piece of Information:

Upon delivery cart is unassembled; assembly instructions are included.