Coir Starter Pots

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Product: Coir Starter Pots
Retailer: Hen & Hammock

Coir is remarkable stuff. Its great because it is a waste material and therefore eco friendly but it is also great because it provides a valuable source of income to many communities which are struggling to earn a living. After a modest amount of processeing, known as wet-milling, the husk is made into versatile fibres that can be made into doormats, brushes or pots. And as the coir is ready for harvesting at the same time as the white copra inside the shell, the coir can be produced alongside the dessicated coconut.

  • Get seedlings and cuttings off to a flying start with these natural coir pots.
  • When the seedling is ready to plant out drop the whole pot into the ground and it will biodegrade, leaving the tender roots undisturbed.
  • Coir is made from waste coconut husk, so is entirely sustainable and renewable.
  • One pack contains 10 pots which are 5cm diameter.