Charles Dowding’s Veg Journal

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Product: Charles Dowding’s Veg Journal
Designer: Charles Dowding

Plan bumper harvests the no-dig way using Charles Dowding’s monthly crop calendar. Follow simple steps to:

  • Find success with more than 35 vegetables and herbs from tomatoes to basil, carrots to coriander;
  • Start a no-dig veg plot on virgin or dug ground, improve the soil and become an expert mulcher and weeder; 
  • Learn key dates for sowing, staking, harvesting and storing using time-saving monthly checklists;
  • Make a raised bed, tackle slugs and snails, and produce the sweetest-smelling compost;
  • Understand the techniques for intercropping, companion planting, seed viability and crop succession.

NO-DIG is a long-established way to grow healthy, organic crops while preserving the soil’s integrity: Charles Dowding is the UK’s leading expert.