Cercis occidentalis “Western Redbud”

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Product: Cercis occidentalis “Western Redbud”

Brilliant magenta flowers scream “Spring” in California! The sight of it will stop you in your tracks. For a knock-out combo, plant with bloom-at-the-same-time blue Ceanothus. Hummingbirds & bumblebees LOVE it, too! This California native grows naturally as a multi-trunked 14-20’ shrub on dry slopes next to seasonal creeks. In the garden, it’s both clay & acid soil tolerant but water carefully for the first 3 years, avoiding the crown, to prevent fungus die-back. You can keep the multi-trunked shape or create a small tree by pruning to one stem. Apple green heart-shaped leaves emerge after the flowers and darken to blue green. In areas with sufficient Winter chill, leaves will turn red to yellow in Fall. A beautiful accent tree or shrub in any climate but requires warm Summers for best flower show.