Celtic Knot Door Mat

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Product: Celtic Knot Door Mat
Color: Natural

Like many historic skills, crafting knots is a dying art. Throughout most of history, knots played important practical, symbolic, and decorative purposes. I hand tie each door mat using a traditional maritime knot known as an “ocean plait.’ Incredibly, each mat takes almost 150 feet of rope.

Each mat is approximately 22″x14, is crafted from 3/8″ diameter manila line, and is handmade (by me!) in the South Carolina Low Country. The ends are bound with grip tape to keep them from unraveling and are held in place with silicone adhesive. The mat’s back is coated with a thin layer of clear silicone adhesive to improve the knot’s grip and help it retain its form. The entire knot is treated with a light coating of a clear acrylic sealant.

I am happy to work with you to create larger or smaller mats to suit your needs. Please just convo me with any special requests.

Don’t let knots become a thing of the past – together, we can keep this tradition alive.