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Product: Celia
Retailer: The Sill

A minimalist porcelain planter. But oh so much more! The Celia surprises with its quiet but vibrant elegance. The slight tuck of the pot edge turns otherwise simple into sublimely chic. Sigh. To be so effortlessly stylish. The Celia features the electric lime leaves of the Arrowhead Plant.

Artist Lisa Jones works with smooth, pure porcelain – no finer, nor more difficult a clay to maneuver. But the result is worth it. Sleek, timeless – a modern day heirloom. The Celia’s fashionable asymmetry is subtle but the effect stunning. The organic curve of the pot and polished river rocks in hues of Sedona offset the Arrowhead’s sharp lance-shaped leaves. This fast-growing foliage can stand the shadows of a dim dwelling, but the Celia yearns for the limelight.

  • Arrowhead (Syngonium podphyllum)
  • Medium light
  • Water often
  • Made in Portland, OR
  • Porcelain; drainage and saucer
  • 6.5″w x 15″h with plant