Cedar Outdoor Worm Bin

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Product: Cedar Outdoor Worm Bin
Retailer: Grow Organic

This lightweight, durable cedar bin is easy to manage, and an attractive addition to any home garden! 

Worm bins efficiently convert household food waste and garden slash to worm castings quickly and easily. This box, along with 4 lbs. of Red Worms will convert 200 lb of food waste to worm castings per month–the amount of waste a family of four generates. The steady supply of dark, rich worm casting can be used on site for landscapes, gardens and house plants. Castings will not burn even the most delicate of plants. 

The bottomless design allows excess water to wick away, helping to prevent over saturation of the bed, which occurs often with plastic models. 

The split bed design is an extremely effective approach to vermicomposting. One side is used at a time–when you’ve filled one half of the box with layers of food waste covered with bedding, you then begin to fill the second half. This gives the worms time to convert the waste in the first half to castings. 

When the worms have finished converting, they will then migrate through the cracks in the center divide and begin converting the food waste in the second half. 

This allows you to harvest your castings from the first half, leaving room for more food waste–so the worms are not disturbed, and the system operates continually!

Once assembled, the bin is 48″ L x 24″ W x 21″ H.

An instructional DVD is included with the purchase of this bin.