Cascata 245L Terracotta Effect Water Butt with Removable Planter

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Product: Cascata 245L Terracotta Effect Water Butt with Removable Planter
Retailer: Primrose

This stunning rain barrel mimics a Greek amphora and features a planter on top for extra decorative character. Easily fitted to most drainpipes, this rain barrel has a generous 245L capacity.

  • Large 245 litre capacity water butt
  • Gorgeous amphora shape reminiscent of classical art
  • Opening for drainpipe to feed into for ease of filling
  • Easy emptying tap attached to the butt itself
  • Removable planter on top to make a decorative feature of your rain barrel

This is a beautiful rain barrel, which utilises plastic (PE) rotational molding techniques to look like genuine terracotta, makes a fantastic feature for your garden whilst being relatively lightweight. The tap attached to the front conveniently allows you to easily drain off the water as and when you need it. With a 245l capacity, this should hold lots of the rainwater you need, and with the ability to feed it off the drainpipes, you never have to waste a drop. The included tap is threaded for use with hoses and also lined with PTFE tape for added security. The hose attaches with an included connector, onto which the hose is pushed, and then secured with a clamp.