Cardinal de Richelieu

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Product: Cardinal de Richelieu

One of the darkest coloured roses. The colour begins as mauvish-pink in the bud, becoming mauve as the blooms open, and finally turning deep rich purple. The flowers are quite small and, as they develop, they reflex back almost forming a ball. “˜Cardinal de Richelieu’ is an excellent garden shrub with arching growth, plentiful dark green foliage and few thorns. It requires pruning, thinning and generous feeding to ensure it reaches its full potential. There is a light fragrance. 5 x 4ft.

  • Category     Old Roses       (Gallica Roses)
  • Bred By     Laffay
  • Colour     Purple
  • Flower Type     Double/Full Bloom
  • Size     Tall Shrub
  • Hardiness     Hardy
  • Fragrance     Old Rose Light
  • Repeating     None
  • Special Characteristics     Beautifully formed blooms