Calendula officianalis “Indian Prince”

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Product: Calendula officianalis “Indian Prince”
Retailer: Seedaholic

Pot Marigold, English Marigold. Herb Marigold

‘Indian Prince' is a lovely annual marigold, with unique petals quite unlike other varieties, the dark orange rays are in layers of orange, backed with rich mahogany red petals.

Calendula, like most hardy annuals, is remarkably easy to grow and can be simply sown where it is to flower. It is tolerant of any well-drained soil, even quite poor ones. Prolific and durable the daisy-like blooms grow up to 20cm (4in) wide and will flower non-stop from spring until first frosts.
Calendula ‘Indian Prince' has long stems and are perfect candidates for cutting and flower arrangements.

Orange flowers work with everything, whether it be in the vase or in the garden.
Orange is wonderful backed by any foliage – dark green or, even better, acid-green, crimson, or silver. We all know it's good with blue and purple; but put an orange flower next to a white one. It's beautiful.
Dark mahogany orange is the easiest orange to combine with other colours, particularly if you like things rich. Orange – especially deep, burnt orange – with a good splash of crimson tops the lot. Where orange merges into mahogany, it is rich and velvety: perfect in combination with sumptuous, heavy colours such as purple, royal-blue, crimson and near-black. Try a deep orange with searing pink: it's one of the best combinations of all. Brave, yes – but heavenly.

Packet – 2gms ~ 280 seeds