Buxus Green Velvet

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Product: Buxus Green Velvet

This evergreen boxwood was bred specifically for extra hardiness in Ontario, Canada!

Green Velvet Boxwood has fine, deep green leaves and makes the perfect low-growing Hedge Plant for edging a pathway or formal garden.

This Buxus hybrid thrives in even the coldest zone 5 winters of Chicago without loosing its velvety green foliage color!

The full-bodied habit and low, dense foliage lends itself to shearing and creating a variety of looks for the garden design.

Boxwood's evergreen foliage makes the perfect backdrop for long-blooming KnockOut Roses, various Flower Shrubs, & textural Ornamental Grasses.

Boxwood are easily grown in normal garden conditions with well-drained soil and part shade.

Boxwoods are fairly low maintenance and prefer to have their shallow roots left undisturbed.