Brugmansia arborea alba ‘Angels Trumpets’

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Product: Brugmansia arborea alba ‘Angels Trumpets’
Retailer: Seedaholic

Angels Trumpet, Tree Datura

These exotic beauties, native to South America, can transform a terrace or patio into a tropical paradise. Angel Trumpets are large shrubs with lush foliage and masses of delightfully fragrant trumpets, 20 to 25cm (8 to 10 in) long, often blooming the first year from seed. They bloom continually, a mature plant, blooming from midsummer until frost, may display as many as 80 to 100 blooms at one time! In the cool, moist air of evening, their fragrance is spellbinding.

Grow in large containers, preferably in full sun, and winter them indoors near a sunny window. They can either be grown in a 20cm (8in) pot and pruned hard each year after flowering, or given space and allowed to grow into a specimen plant. If grown outdoors, Brugmansia will attain a height of 90 to 120cm (3 to 4′) the first season and can double in size in subsequent years.

  • Packet Size : 10 Seeds
  • Family : Solanaceae
  • Genus : Brugmansia
  • Species : arborea
  • Common Name : Angels Trumpet, Tree Datura
  • Other Common Names : Maikoa
  • Flowers : Ivory-creamy white fragrant trumpets.
  • Natural Flower Time : Blooms throughout Summer
  • Height : 180-240cm (6-8′) outdoors
  • Spread : 150-180cm (5-6′) outdoors
  • Position : Full sun to part shade.
  • Soil : Moderately moist soils