Bronze Lockable Bolt Latch

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Product: Bronze Lockable Bolt Latch
Retailer: 360Yardware

This is a one-sided cast bronze gate latch. Install it on the inside of your gate, slide it closed, and no one can open the gate from the outside. Can also be installed on the outside of your gate for easy access. For additional security, add your own padlock. No handing is required for this bolt latch.The latch is operable from one side of the gate. Fits gates of any thickness because it’s installed to the surface of the gate.

  • Material : Cast Red Bronze

  • Mechanism: Bolt

  • Finishes available: Red Bronze

  • Set includes mounting hardware (6 each #8 x 1″ Countersunk Oval Head Slotted Bronze screws).

  • Fits gates of any thickness.

  • Operable from one side.

  • Suitable for in-swinging and out-swinging gates.

  • Handing not required with order.

  • Lockable with added padlock