Boardwalk Cloche

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Product: Boardwalk Cloche
Retailer: Madesmith
brand: Una Hats

Madesmith Exclusive. 

Limited Edition: Only 2 pieces available.

Style: Natural Color Cloche with black and white ribbon hat. Modern meets vintage, hard meets soft, masculine meets feminine, giving Una Hats a tomboy charm and a retro vintage look.

Inspiration: The Inspiration comes from Una’s New York roots, seeing vintage Coney Island postcards of a day at the beach and the famous boardwalk in the 20’s. Una was inspired by the head to toe fashions of that time, in particular the men’s boater hat. She wanted to do a slightly different take on it, finding that harmony of feminine and masculine.

Materials: Natural Cream Sisol Straw. Black and white striped Grosgrain ribbon. The hat is hand blocked on a vintage cloche wood hat forms. The brim is reinforced with wire.

Timing: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.