Bleeding Heart – Specatabilis Alba

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Product: Bleeding Heart – Specatabilis Alba
Color: White

The Bleeding Heart Specatabilis ‘Alba’, 'Dicentra specatabilis ‘Alba’, is a fast-growing perennial with white, heart-shaped flowers. ‘Alba’ has two distinguishing features that make it a little different from the rest.

One is the wonderful white flowers that it produces, and two, the fern-like foliage is lime green rather than green.

A clump forming plant, it has a plant height of 2-3’ and a width of 20”.

This Bleeding Heart should be planted in full sun but will tolerate morning shade. It is heat tolerant and needs moist soil. Do not let it dry out.

Specatabilis ‘Alba’ will bloom from May to September and is a major attractor to butterflies. ‘Alba’ makes excellent cut flowers.

The foliage does go dormant, so it is best to plant this bleeding heart among later developing perennials such as hostas and ferns, which will fill in as the bleeding heart foliage begins to die back.

Being an old fashioned plant, this charming Bleeding Heart is a must in any landscape!

  • Disease and heat resistant
  • Clump forming
  • White heart-shaped flowers