Big Mucker 100 Ltr / 120 Kg Wheelbarrow – Yellow

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Product: Big Mucker 100 Ltr / 120 Kg Wheelbarrow – Yellow
brand: Big Mucker
Retailer: Wheelbarrows
Color: Yellow

The Yellow Big Mucker wheelbarrow with, LARGE, 100 litre Plastic pan

 The Yellow Big Mucker 100 Litre Plastic Wheelbarrow is a heavy duty wheelbarrow that is equally suitable as a Stableyard Wheelbarrow, as a Garden Wheelbarrow,  a general purpose wheelbarrow or DIY Wheelbarrow for all heavy jobs around the home. The Yellow Big Mucker Wheelbarrow is part of our Mucker range of plastic wheelbarrows and because it has a plastic tub it is very popular for equestrian use or use for other animal waste or bedding as the plastic tub on this wheelbarrow won’t react to the animal waste. This ideal stableyard wheelbarrow and is also used in many vetinary practices.

Solid steel skids to protect the frame legs from wear.

The wheel on the Yellow Big Mucker Plastic Wheelbarrow is pneumatic and is manufactured specifically for heavy duty work. We sell replacement wheels for all our wheelbarrows including the Yellow Big Mucker and wheelbarroow inner tubes for puncture repairs.

Designed to be stored outdoors

Delivered in kit form for home assembly, frame assembled with 4 bolts for added strength.