Bergs Potter’s Helena Pot

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Product: Bergs Potter’s Helena Pot
Retailer: Artilleriet

In the Lazio region north of Rome, lies the village of Di Bolzena that was once home village to many potters. One of the most prominent, Roberto Rosso , created the ” Helena” which, with its characteristic lace inspired by ancient Greece . The pot was a big success in Italy during the 1800s and has now once again been put into production , this time in Tuscany.

It is possible to plant directly in the pot as it has drainage holes in the bottom and a dish that collects excess water .

Helena available in five different sizes.


  • 10 cm H: 9 cm
  • í˜ 16 cm H 15 cm
  • í˜ 18 cm H 16 cm
  • í˜ 21 cm H: 19 cm
  • í˜ 25 cm H: 22 cm

MATERIALS : Tuscan clay

Prices range from 89.00 Swedish Kr. to 399.00 Swedish Kr.