Bee Thinking’s Warre Hive

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Product: Bee Thinking’s Warre Hive
Retailer: Bee Thinking

Bee Thinking Warre hives are hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon using Western Red Cedar and come either assembled or unassembled (your choice). Our unassembled Warre hive kits feature full 1″ thick lumber, rabbet joints, pre-drilled holes and screws for added strength and longevity. Sloped handles allow for improved rain run off and ease of lifting. The precision milled, one piece top bars are unattached for compliance with most state and local beekeeping laws.

Includes (All components pre-drilled):

  • Roof (Copper top available as an option)
  • Quilt box with burlap quilt
  • 2 Warre boxes (Windows available as an option)
  • 16 one piece top bars with comb guides
  • Standard screened bottom with closable insert
  • Screws
  • Assembly diagram

Tools required (Unassembled version only):

  • Drill or screwdriver
  • Stapler (for attaching burlap to quilt box)
  • Approximate assembly time: 45 minutes


  • Elegent legs to elevate stand higher off the ground and improve stability
  • Copper top
  • Windows in each box