Bat Bunker

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Product: Bat Bunker
Retailer: Bat Bunker
brand: Bat Bunker
Color: Black

The Bat Bunker is a unique mixture of technology and simplicity , plastic and wood. The main component of this revolutionary Bat House is it’s large 36″ x 24″ x 8″ rotationally molded outer shell . The outer shell is a seamless one piece design that is virtually indestructible and will provide a safe , dry and draft free environment that will last for many years with no maintenance required.

The Outer shell of the Bat Bunker Bat House will come in three colors for various geographic locations . The Bat Bunker is designed large enough so that it will retain heat through out the evening and night , providing the more stable temperature range that bats thrive on.

The Bat Bunker’s large size also provides plenty of space for breeding or maternity colonies of bats . Providing suitable structures for bat colonies is an important part of the conservation of this vital species.

The Bat Bunker includes a removable Four Chamber Roost made of rough cut cedar, which provides the natural wood environment bats are accustomed to. The roost chamber can be removed independently from the outer shell after installation of the bat house so that periodic inspections can be made if needed.

The Bat Bunker is a Certified Bat House through Bat Conservation International’s Bat House Research Project and we are proud to display their logo on our products as a certified vendor based in Oregon.

Having the BatCon certification shows we took the time and effort to follow their guidelines in our design and construction so that the Bat Bunker will be a welcome home for this amazing and vital species.