Bamboo Spout Fountain Kit

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Product: Bamboo Spout Fountain Kit
Retailer: Potted

Instant gratification. Now you can turn almost any container into a water feature.Great for balconies and small spaces. These fountain spouts are fabricated using a split resistant tropical species of bamboo that regenerates and matures in 3 years and is then treated with a non toxic boron to help prevent mold. It comes with a pump and takes minutes to set up.

How to choose the right size: The size of the spout is the horizontal length when the spout is resting on the bowl. The spout is normally placed close to the edge of the container, not the middle. Measure the length across the space that the horizontal piece of the spout will be resting on to get the size of the spout that you need. See the spout photos for visual direction.

Size: 7″l, 12″l, 18″l and 24″l

Prices range from $37.50 to $69.00