Bacsac Square Garden Containers

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Product: Bacsac Square Garden Containers
brand: Bacsac
Designer: Bacsac
Retailer: twentytwentyone

Reduced by 50%

Bacsacs are quite simply ingenious. As the constraints of space in modern day living arrangements prevent us from planting and growing as much as we would like to, these lightweight sacks allow just that.

Designs in the form of pots, troughs and suspended bags can be used not only in normal gardens but also on roofs, windowsills, balconies and suspended wherever space allows.

The sacks themselves are made from a very lightweight breathable material that behaves not dissimilarly to earth itself, promoting growth through good circulation of air and water.

As we move, they move too, the integral handles allow us to pick them up and take them wherever we might go in the future, a design for every aspiring urban gardener.

Now you don’t need an allotment as Bacsac provides a means to create an urban and suburban veg plot.

  • Bacsac Square 140L – 60w x 60d x 40cmh
  • Bacsac Square 330L – 90w x 90d x 40cmh 
  • Bacsac Square 550L – 120w x 120d x 40cmh

Prices range from £47.50 to £82.00

Currently Unavailable.