atelier Tradewinds’s ‘The Wagon’

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Product: atelier Tradewinds’s ‘The Wagon’
Retailer: The Van

Wagon is an ultra-light cart for outdoor use. Made from aluminium, polyester and marine plywood, it is rustproof, waterproof & rotproof. Even the acrylic canvas is completely sun and waterproof and very resistant to abrasion.

The nylon wheels are mounted on dustproof bearings and are suspended by fibreglass shafts and 12 inch pneumatic tyres. Weighing only 15kg, it can carry loads 10 times heavier!

It is fully dismountable and fits into all car trunks. Acrylic canvas, available in 8 colours.Volume 230 litres

Personal logos can be printed on the canvas.

  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Dimensions:  L 100 x l 70 x h 70 cm

Choose from :

  • canvas black
  • canvas grey
  • canvas navy
  • canvas bordeaux
  • canvas green
  • canvas chocolate brown
  • canvas rust
  • canvas camel
  • the wago with wicker basket

TRADEWINDS is a small, design-led company specialized in the creation, production and marketing of outdoor and garden equipment. The arts and crafts are very flexible, so they can design from the bottom up, creating unique, innovative products appreciated by discerning consumers, interested in quality. Tradewinds really cares about their customers and try very hard to make all the products truly pleasing to the eye as well as user-friendly. They are modern yet simple. Neat yet emotive. Fun yet practical. Many new ideas are born in their workshop, but only the very best are good enough to go into production and become part of Tradewinds ‘s range.