Anti-Stress 2000

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Product: Anti-Stress 2000

ANTI-STRESS 2000, 1 Gallon Concentrated

Price is for 1 Gallon

Weather related stress conditions are severe difficulties confronting growers in the agricultural, horticultural and home user markets. These difficult conditions can be defined as frost-freeze, drying winds (hot or cold), excessive heat, drought, rapid temperature variations and transplant shock. This is why you use a Reduce Frost Plant Protection. Anti-Stress is a non-toxic, water diluteable polymer coating which is applied as a liquid spray. Once dried, an elastic membrane is formed covering the entire plant surface. The properties of the Anti-Stress membrane allows normal stomatic activities, does not interfere with photosynthesis and will effectively reduce transpiration from approximately 35 to 50%. After drying, the membrane retains super stretch qualities for unrestricted plant growth permitting leaf and plant flexibility. Although the coating permits unrestricted photosynthesis, it will not wash off when exposed to normal rainfall conditions. Anti-Stress is non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and provides protection from 45 to 60 days.

When Anti-Stress is applied appropriately, the entire surface of the plant, including both the upper and lower leaf surfaces should be thoroughly coated to form a barrier against exposure to weather related stress. The ability of a plant to resist weather related stress conditions is directly proportional to the ability to retain moisture in the cells. Anti-Stress is effective when plants are exposed to conditions of heat, drought, cold or hot drying winds, transplant shock, sudden temperature changes or frost and freeze. The protection provided is in direct proportion to the dilution rate of the concentrated product, application and coverage of the entire surface of the plant.

Anti-Stress has been used extensively in both the agricultural, horticultural and retail markets for over 15 years. University and field tests by commercial growers have shown positive results by increasing yields and plant quality. The effects of the protective membrane allows transpiration while reducing moisture loss thus increasing plant quality and production. When your plants are stressed, use Anti-Stress.