Agapanthus ‘Lily-of-the-Nile’

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Product: Agapanthus ‘Lily-of-the-Nile’

The very full, cloud-white clusters of blooms look like tiny, 1–2in trumpets sounding the clarion call of summer. They are suspended high on sturdy stalks surrounded by rosettes of strap-like, bright green foliage. The best white Agapanthus in our trials. PP 15,811

Agapanthus is a showy South African genus of 10 species that are widely grown for their exotic blue or white flowers. The plants are of easy culture in rich, well-drained soil, and their long period of bloom make them an ideal choice for planters. We ship substantial plants, but they will not always bloom the first year for you. Plants are easily overwintered in a cool room free from direct sun and will certainly win their way into your long-term garden plans.