Adelaide d’Orléans

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Product: Adelaide d’Orléans

The small, pink buds open to beautiful, semi-double flowers, which quickly fade from creamy pink to creamy white. The flowers are held in small, dainty sprays, hanging gracefully from the branch rather like the blooms of a Japanese cherry. There is a light scent that has been variously described as primrose, apple and myrrh. Very beautiful, free-flowering, elegant and healthy. Almost evergreen. 15ft.

  • Category : Climbing and Rambler Roses (Rambler Roses)
  • Bred By : Jacques
  • Flower Type : Semi-double
  • Size : Medium Rambler
  • Hardiness : Hardy
  • Fragrance : Delicate primrose Light
  • Repeating : None
  • Special Characteristics : Ideal for arches and pergolas.