A. Blanc

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Product: A. Blanc
Retailer: The Sill

A. Blanc, you stud, you. With a thin rolled rim and tapered body, the A. Blanc’s simple pot silhouette in the classic, orange-tan terra cotta provides a suitable earthy base to the rebellious bare branches of the masculine Pencil Plant.

The A. Blanc features the cowboy of houseplants. Tall, dark green, and damn handsome. The Pencil Plant has been known to grow as high as the day is long – reaching up to 6’ over time. Almost cactus in nature, this succulent in disguise practically takes care of itself. Be cautious, though – if torn or broken, its stems produce a milky sap that is quite toxic. Cowboys may be a dying breed, but with a little care this bad boy will stick around a very long time.

  • Pencil Plant (Euphorbia tirucalli)
  • Bright light
  • Water infrequently
  • Italian terra cotta
  • Drainage with saucer
  • 7″w x 24″h with plant