5 x 5 Microfleur Microwave Flower Press

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Product: 5 x 5 Microfleur Microwave Flower Press

The Microfleur Microwave Flower Press is a remarkable piece of technology that presses flowers within about 90 seconds!

Instead of having to wait weeks for the moisture present in the flowers to slowly leach away, the Microfleur almost instantly presses the flowers, capturing their vivid colors beautifully.

The Microfleur is the flower press I rely on for my botanical art business, and I’m thrilled to have recently been named a U.S. distributor. Made of durable plastic and thick woolen felts, this press will last indefinately, and will allow you to press untold numbers of flowers quickly, and their bright colors will amaze you. Pressed flowers are perfect for card making, scrapbooking, making jewelry, handmade journals, collages, etc.

This Microfleur Flower Press is the 5″ x 5″ version. It comes complete with a User Guide – a booklet containing detailed instructions, and useful hints.

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