ISSUE 35  |  Outdoor Furniture

Walls, Windows & Floors: Popham Design

August 31, 2009 3:30 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

When Los Angeles transplants Caitlin and Samuel Dowe-Sandes set about renovating a 250-year-old-house in Marrakesh’s walled city, their experience formed the genesis for a tile business they named Popham Design. Popham Design uses local Moroccan artisans to hand-make cement tiles in an array of designs and colors that combine traditional elements with a contemporary twist; almond trees, arches, and donkey cart wheels are all sources of inspiration. To order go to Popham Design; in the U.S. their Paccha line of cement encaustic tiles is available through Ann Sacks.

Above: Courtyard in the Dowe-Sandes’ home.

Above: Popham’s Coral and Sassafras tiles.

Above: Popham’s Wink tiles.

Above: The Paccha line of cement encaustic tiles available at Ann Sacks.