ISSUE 97  |  Love Letter to the Houseplant

Wallflower No More: A New Breed of Woolly Pocket

November 13, 2013 2:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Spotted at Boxhill: evidence that woolly pockets are as attractive on the ground (or a tabletop) as they are on a wall. Brothers Rodney and Miguel Nelson, who launched the Woolly Pocket brand with a line of soft-sided vertical garden wall planters in 2008, have moved on–to tabletop planters.

Manufactured from plastic bottles that have been recycled to create a breathable felt exterior with a built in moisture barrier, Woolly Walle planters cloak houseplants’ roots in a forgiving shape:

Above: With handsome hand-stitched seams, a Woolly Walle is available in three colors; $90 from Boxhill.

Above: The Woolly Walle has three zippers, so your houseplant can dress up or down, depending on the weather (or the shape of its leaves).

Above: Measuring a slouchy 16 inches high, a Woolly Walle is the right height for a tabletop.

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