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Vintage-Style Flower Frogs—Finally

June 19, 2013 1:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

At flea markets, I always look for old flower frogs–glass ones to hold fat tulip stems in place or wire cages for arranging low, flat centerpieces. I hardly ever find the spiky, metal-pronged ones that are so useful for spearing spindly stems or woody twigs, so it was with great excitement that I recently discovered some at Sprout Home:

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Above: Four sizes of Steel Metal Frogs, at prices ranging from $5.50 to $15 apiece from Sprout Home, are “perfect for the bottom of a vase. Stick stems into the pins to rigidly fix them in place.”

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Above: Reusable metal, pronged flower frogs are such a better solution than using that yucky green florists’ foam (what is that stuff made of, anyway?), that I’m kind of shocked that they’re not sold widely–in supermarkets, in the drive-thru pickup land at the drugstore, and at 24-hour convenience stores.

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Above: Sprout Home’s frogs, an example of new products that are actually as good as the practical, old-fashioned versions they emulate, come in four sizes (and two shapes) to fit the bottom of almost any vase.

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N.B.: This is an updated version of a post that was originally published on August 27, 2012.