ISSUE 30  |  Summer in the City

Urban Gardener: The City Planter

July 24, 2012 3:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

Art piece or container garden? In the case of the City Planter, the answer is both.

Designed by Los Angeles-based gardening team and retailer Potted, the City Planter is crafted of 14-gauge steel with a hand-applied rust patina and sealed with a matte lacquer finish. Smartly designed to drain forward to keep water off the walls, the City Planter floats a half inch off the wall and includes an aluminum cleat for easy hanging indoors or out.

Above: The City Planter is available in two sizes, with either vertical or horizontal orientation: small 12-by-20 inches, and large 20-by-30 inches; $125 and $195 respectively at Potted.

Above, two photos: Each piece is unique in its coloration.

Above: The planters are hand crafted in Los Angeles.

Above: For those seeking a more striking color statement, they are also available with color. The Color Block City Planter is offered with a burst of yellow, orange, and black; $165 for the small and $235 for the large. (N.B.: For more colored or black planter inspiration, see “DIY: Envy-Inducing Planters.”)

Above: The Color Block City Planter hung on a fence offers a splash of color outdoors.