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Trending on Remodelista: Living Small

February 17, 2017 6:00 AM

BY Gardenista Team

This week the Remodelista editors found design ideas to prove you don’t have to give up little luxuries when you live small:


Above: Alexa deconstructs a tiny London kitchen on a budget in this week’s Steal This Look post.


Above: Finally, an upgrade for milk crates and cinder blocks, the old staples of apartment life: Minneapolis-based We Are Always Moving Industries remakes the classics in lightweight wood.


Above: We’ve rounded up Architects’ 10 Favorite White Paint Colors (is yours on the list?).


Above: The latest storage trend: Artful Clothes Hangers.


Above: World’s Most Beautiful Kitchen? (That’s mother-of-pearl quartzite on the countertops and the inset backsplash.)