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Trend Alert: The New Classic Picnic Basket

July 01, 2014 4:00 PM

BY Barbara Peck

LA creative director Sarah Sherman Samuel, who blogs at Smitten Studio, clearly has a thing about eating outdoors. We’re with her all the way. She’s even developed her own line of modern “picnic-ware” that looks vintage, for sale at A Sunny Afternoon. Many of the items are made in her father’s workshop in Michigan, often using wood that her dad, Lee, has salvaged from downed trees or otherwise reclaimed.

Photographs via A Sunny Afternoon.

Above: This woven picnic basket is a prime example of Samuel’s wares: It’s handmade from Appalachian white ash, has sturdy leather handles, and is lightweight and exceptionally durable.  

Above: The basket is lined with green-and-white gingham vinyl; there’s also a version with a black-and-white lining. Each measures 18 by 12 by 10 inches and sells for $125.

Above: Remember the scene in Mad Men when Betty shakes out the picnic blanket and walks away, leaving all the litter on the grass? Not that we’d do that today, but this basket looks just like something the Drapers would have carried. Go to A Sunny Afternoon for more of Samuel’s products, including the linen-cotton Polka-Dot Napkins ($26 for a set of two) shown here.

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