ISSUE 94  |  October Moon

Basics for the Windowsill Gardener, Poland Edition

October 14, 2013 1:00 PM

BY Margot Guralnick

A few months ago, This Is Paper, one of our favorite design magazines, opened an online shop selling its own small-batch kitchenwares and backpacks. The Warsaw, Poland-based group has recently branched out: it’s now offering simple, beautifully packaged garden basics mostly sourced from manufacturers in Poland. The collection is geared to those like the crew at This Is Paper, who “have to conjure a garden on a very small scale on windowsills.”

To see the full line and place orders, go to This Is Paper.


Above: Small Square Peat Pots, “your seed’s first home”; €3 for a set of four.


Above: Wooden Plant Markers in a pack of 10; €5.


Above: After the seedling is big enough, peat pots can be planted and are fully biodegradable.


Above: Certified Organic Parsley Seeds from Poland, and many other varieties, are sold in This Is Paper-designed packages with planting and sowing guidelines; €3.50 a packet.


Above: The This Is Paper apron, made of cotton with an adjustable leather strap; €29.50.


Above: Hiroshi Scissors for small plant maintenance; €19.50. Jute Twine Spool; â‚¬6; 


Above: Peat Pallets expand as your seedlings grow. When big enough, the plant and pallet together can be planted in a pot; €10 for a set of ten.


Above: A made-in-Poland enameled bucket, €22.50.


Above: The Coco Besom broom from Japan; €24.50.

For more about This Is Paper, see A Back to Basics Approach To Living, Warsaw Edition on Remodelista. For everything you need to know about windowsill gardening, see our posts on Window Boxes. Hoping to start seeds indoors? See 5 Favorites: Planting Pots for Starting Seeds Indoors and DIY Seed Starting: Newspaper Pots.